We love having regulars and out of town visitors hang with us in our lounge! Various shops have their own guidelines and rules and people are always asking us about our lounge rules. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of general dos and don’ts that will serve a smoker well wherever they choose to light up!


  1. Tip your tobacconist for excellent service and reccomendations
  2. Feel free to bring a bottle of your favorite beverage to endjoy in our lounge while you have a smoke. (while this works for us, be sure to ask other shops about their rule).
  3. Bring your laptop and get some work done while you smoke.
  4. Order or bring  a snack in to enjoy in the lounge.


  1. Mash your cigar out in the ashtray, It will go out on its own!
  2. Over-serve yourself, nobody likes the super hammered guy in the lounge!!
  3. Talk on the phone while in the lounge, other customers don’t need to hear your business or personal calls.
  4. Leave a mess. If you leave a wake of ash, food wrappers and bottles in your wake, please try to leave things how you found them and take your trash with you!
  5. Be respectful of other patrons and that includes not chatting about taboo topics like religion or politics.
  6. Bring in outside cigars to smoke in our lounge. You don’t bring your own steak to a steakhouse and ask to sit at one of their tables to eat it, so please support our store by making a purchase each time you use the lounge!

Following these simple guidelines will enhance your enjoyment of the lounge and make your time smoking with us that much more relaxing!

Thanks and see you soon!